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Fastest Growing and Leading Development Company with Quality, Reliability, Commitment & Safety !

At Standards & Measurements Gen. Cont. Est. [SMC Group], we have unrelenting hub to create value for our clients. We believe the most reliable means of creating long term relationship is to improve our daily business. By improvement we mean customer satisfaction, timely delivery and predictability of result. These measures are important for our clients and also for our employees who seek dynamic environment in which to grow and build their careers. It is against unambiguous requirements that we grade our performance as company leaders. We believe that by consistently building on our track record of growth and improvement, our clients will continue to call upon expertise dependably through time.

Approved Saudi Aramco Vendor : 10064631

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SMC Group has been governed in its operations since the inception that ensured the company’s successes by core values that shaped the corporate culture and defined the distinct character of our company. These core values that are well internalized by the staff can be summarized as below.

SMC Group commitment to creating mutually rewarding and lasting partnerships is a paramount objective for SMC. SMC endeavours to fulfilling its role as a proactive partner in the support and enabling of successful achievement of the partnership goals. SMC Group is also committed and is mindful of the local industrial sectors’ needs which in turn obligate SMC to introduce state-of-the-art technologies and services.

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Our Groups & Services :

Industrial Fabrications

Industrial Fabrications
 All Types of Stainless Steel Fabrications
 All Types of Glass & Aluminium Fabrications
Automatic Powder Coatings

Powder Coating & Epoxy

All types of Metal Powder Coatings.
Metal Epoxy Paints & Coatings.
Latest Technology & Texture Coats.

Mercedes Bus Rental

Bus Rental with Driver all over in Saudi Arabia.
Monthly & Daily Basis, Domestic & all GCC.
All Mercedes Buses will be Provided.

Manpower Supply

Manpower Technical & Non-Technical Supply.
Saudi & Non-Saudi Manpower Supply.
Siesmic & Rigs Manpower (Saudi & Expat).

Heavy Equipments Rental

All Kinds of Heavy Equipment’s Rental.
Certified Operators with Equipment’s.
Weekly & Monthly Basis.

Industrial Trading & Supply

All Types of Industrial Trading & Supply.
Safety PPE, Civil, Mechanical Items Supply.
Electrical & Mechanical Trading & Supply.

Civil Constructions

Civil, Constructions & Engineering Works.
Turn Key Projects & Consultancy.
Building Maintenance works.

Earthwork & Road Const.

Road & Asphalt Construction works.
All types of Earthworks & Dewatering.
Certified Teams & Earthworks Teams.
Rig & Siesmic

Rigs & Siesmic Manpower

All types of Seismic & Rig works and supply.
Certified Seismic Saudi & Non-Saudi Teams.
All types of materials supply to Rig & Seismic Crew.

Medicines & Medical Supply

Medical & Medicines Supplies to All over in KSA.
Medicines Supply to Industrial Clinic & Project Sites.
All types of Medical Supplies to Company & Project Sites.
Medical Staffs

Medical Staff’s & Team

MOH Approved Medical Staff’s & Teams for Site.
MOH approved GP Nurse & Doctors with Polyclinics.
Polyclinic facilities in Eastern Region.

Camp & Apartments

Building & Constructions of Camp & Compound.
Specialized Construction of Permanents & Mobile Camps.
Latest Mobile Sandwich Camp & Office Buildings.

Company Strategy

To maintain the company’s continual success and leadership in constructional development through the following :

  • Dedicating all the efforts, capabilities and possibilities of the company to build strong relationships with customers and gain their satisfaction by providing topnotch and integrated general contracting services so that they can achieve the goals of their projects and meet their wishes.
  • Implementing quality standards, credibility, and integrity to gain the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Creating a creative work environment preserve its employees, develop their capabilities as well as their skills.

We aim to lead the market through reputation and result adhering to international standards with emphasis in hasty service, excellent employee quality and flexible hiring options. We believe in continued growth and increasing the value of our company and service by providing the opportunity for businesses to work with high motivated individuals.

Our team is the foundation of our success. That’s why we focus on attracting, retaining, and training the industry’s most talented professionals, so that the work we deliver makes us all proud. With our focus on career development and our place in a vibrant industry, we aspire to become an employer of choice.

SMC Group has been governed in its operations since the inception that ensured the company’s successes by core values that shaped the corporate culture and defined the distinct character of our company. These core values that are well internalized by the staff can be summarized as below:

We serve and support our employees and business partners with passion and positive attitude; investing in knowledge enhancement and striving to exceed expectations with regard to our SMC Group’s strict observance of business ethics, integrity and striving to achieve quality. 

SMC Group’s customers receive the strongest commitment to a job well done that meets the customers’ expectations of quality, product availability and superior service.